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24-Hour Dispatch

Arranging a Flight

All it takes is one call to 1-800-799-0400 and our 24-hour flight coordinators will make all of the necessary arrangements for you.  The following information is normally required for us to respond:
  • Caller's name and callback number;
  • Patient's name, age, gender, and weight;
  • Time and location of patient pick-up;
  • Receiving facility and physician;
  • Chief complaint or diagnosis;
  • Insurance information or payment arrangements.

Within seconds of receiving this information, our flight crew is notified to respond by our communications center.  Our flight nurse will then contact the hospital's medical staff to obtain a report on the patient's condition and determine if there are any special needs or if any special equipment is required.  At the same time, the pilot in command prepares a flight plan and readies the aircraft.  Our aircraft can be airborne within 20 minutes or less during the day and 30 minutes or less at night.  We know every minute counts.

Travel Companions

In most cases, we can accommodate a family member or other travel companion and luggage onboard the aircraft, all at no extra cost.  Please let us know if a companion will be traveling with the patient so that we may plan to accommodate them.

Insurance and Payment

Insurance companies will normally cover the costs of fixed-wing air ambulance transport, provided the transport is medically necessary.  American Medflight will work with patients and their insurance providers in an effort to obtain appropriate payment for services rendered.  In addition to insurance, American Medflight accepts bank wires, certified checks, money orders, MasterCard or Visa, and personal checks.  Please note that air ambulance fees do not include charges for ground ambulance transportation.  Unless prior arrangements have been made, ground ambulance companies will bill the patient (or their insurance) directly for their services.

Medically Necessary Transports

Medically appropriate air ambulance transportation is normally covered by insurance providers if the patient's medical condition is such that transportation by either basic or advanced life support ground ambulance is not appropriate.  As a general guideline, when it would take a ground ambulance 30-60 minutes or more to transport a patient whose medical condition at the time of pick-up required immediate and rapid transport due to the nature and/or severity of the patient's illness/injury, air transportation is usually considered to be appropriate. In addition, if urgent and rapid air ambulance transport is essential to stabilize or preserve the patient's life and transport cannot be safely provided by ground ambulance due to great distances, prolonged transport time, or other obstacles that would endanger the patient's health or threaten survival, air ambulance transport is normally considered medically necessary.

Hospital to hospital air transport is usually covered for the transfer of a patient from one hospital to another when transportation by ground ambulance would endanger the patient's health and the transferring hospital does not have adequate facilities to provide the medical services needed by the patient.  Examples of such specialized medical services that are generally not available at all types of facilities may include but are not limited to:  burn care, cardiac care, trauma care, and critical care.  A patient transported from one hospital to another hospital is usually covered only if the hospital to which the patient is transferred is the nearest one with appropriate facilities.

In instances where medical necessity has not been clearly established, our expert billing staff will work with patients, doctors and insurance companies in an effort to obtain appropriate insurance approvals.

Insurance coverage is generally not available for transport from a hospital capable of treating the patient because the patient and/or the patient's family prefer a specific hospital or physician.

Air ambulance services are usually not covered by insurance providers for transport to a facility that is not an acute care hospital, such as a nursing facility, physician's office, or a patient's home.  Exceptions may be possible.  Please call us for more information.

When scheduling a flight, it is advisable to call American Medflight's billing office at 775-856-5800 to verify coverage of air ambulance services.

Call Us for a Quote

For transports that will not be covered by insurance, American Medflight may be able to arrange a price and payment structure that meets the patient's needs.  Please call our billing office at 775-856-5800 for more information.